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In The Night Garden Pink Toy Box

In the unlikely event you have not seen this show yet let me explain, In the Night Garden is the 21st century equivalent of the magic roundabout, and by that I mean the story lines give the impression that the writers of this show have been participating in some non-prescription drugs.

Upsy Daisy is one of the characters in this show, she is a girl who goes around the garden with her bed (her bed literally follows her in some motorised way). She likes to kiss the male characters and then show them her pop up skirt. Personally I do not see Upsy Daisy as being a great role model in this modern era of equal rights for females, but then that’s just my opinion

The front of the toy box features Upsy Daisy along with a floral design. The height and shape of the toybox means it also doulbes nicely as a stool for your little one to site on while they play.

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