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“TOY BOX” Such an exciting word for all kids no matter what gender or what age. My kids use their toy box for keeping almost everything and I am so surprised to see them use it so often, they open the toy box about 100 of times in a day right from their books to each toy they preserve in it with so much enthusiasm. Actually I purchased the toy box for them because they were very obsessed with the one their friend had at his place but I chose a wooden toy box for my kids reason being they use it for keeping many things including their books but they have decorated it fantastically with so may beautiful colors also some piece of mirrors and that’s the reason it shines when even a ray of sunlight touches it. There are variety of toy boxes available in the market so I was really very confused initially as to which one shall I purchase for my kids immediately what struck my mind was a wooden one because wood last longer than other metals that’s what I feel I don’t have to worry much because it is really very hard and suitable for my kids. What I have noticed over a period of time is that my girl child keeps her toy box so neat and tidy with each little thing placed in proper order but my boy child he scatters his toys and books and all his useless things making it messy. Generally toy boxes of children are placed in their respective bedrooms so even I have placed my kids toy box in their bedroom and have totally handed over it to them and I do not peep in their boxes thinking it is their personal property and neither do my kids allow me to touch it. And last but not the least I personally feel every child should be gifted with a toy box from his or her parents as it gives the child a sense of responsibility along with fun and play.

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