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Top 10 Toy box fillers for Christmas 2010

So Christmas is coming and we no what that means at custom toybox. Why new toys to fill our toyboxes of course. So if you want to know what is hot this year then checkout our run down below.

  • 6. Zhu Zhu Pets

    Virtual pets are nothing new, back in the 90s we had the Tamogochi and Furbies, this year’s equivalent is Zhu Zhu pets. These are small motorised bets that move about bumbing into this and making “cute” noises. On their own they seem pretty unoriginal, however they come with accessories that the Zhu Zhu pets interact with.

  • 5. Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel

    The Sylvanian families range dates back to 1985 and is looking to make a strong return to prominence in 2010 with a new line of toys the Pièce de résistance of which is the Regency Hotel.

  • 4. Moon Dough Barn

    Now I don’t quite understand what is so special with this one but is hotly tipped to top many a list to santa. Apparrently the moon dough barn is a plastic barn that comes with some dough (that the manufacturers claim will never dry out) for your child to mould into farm animals

  • 3. Kidizoom VideoCam

    When I was a child video cameras were something reserved for grown-ups and even then they were few and far between. However this year even your littlest ones can be filming the next blockbuster thanks to this child friendly video camera under fifty pounds

  • 2. Paper Jamz Guitar

    So being the next Steven Spielberg is not exciting enough for your children? Well how about the next Mick Jagger. These Guitars are made from nothing more than paper (well probably so micro electronics too) so are light enough for any child to rock out on.

  • 1. Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear

    It was inevitable that with the new Toy Story 3D film out this year that there would be new merchandise, and this year the most sought after gift to fill your childs toy box is a new version of the must-have toy way back in 1996

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