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Top 5 Toybox Safety Features

When buying anything for your child safety has always got to be taken into account and with a toybox this should be no different. As such here is a run down of the top 5 safety features to look out for when buying a toy box.

5. Solid Construction.

Lets face it anything put in a child’s bedroom or play room is going to face a lifetime of physical abuse as it gets bashed and climbed on. Some cheaper storage boxes made of thin plastic could be liable to break leaving sharp edges. A sturdy solid wood toybox should be able to last a lifetime of abuse from even the most boisterous child

4. Avoid plastic linings.

I have seen on the market wicker storage baskets which at first glance may look ideal for toy storage, however on closer inspection such baskets have had a a loose thin plastic sheet lining on the inside (similar to a carrier bag). Such linings could run the risk of being choking hazards.

3. Suitable Toxin free paints

With wooden toy boxes especially the paint can chip with age and use and you never know what your kid will put in their mouth next

so it is always reasurring to now the paint used is non toxic. This is a legal requirement on items sold in the UK so you should be safe provided your buying from a UK retailer.

2. Air holes / Cut outs

Pretty much every child around the world has played hide and seek in some form. Large toy boxes can be sizeable enough to make the perfect hiding place for smaller children who will no doubt be tempting to get inside. In the unlikely event that the child was to become stuck inside air holes will prevent against any change of suffication. Many toy boxes include cut out slots just under the lid which provide a more than adequate airflow.

1. Safety-Catch / Slow Closer

Solid wood toyboxes can have heavy lids, without a saftey catch or slow closer device such lids could easily lead to trapped fingers as the lid falls on your little one’s pinkies.

Currently all the toyboxes on our personalised toyboxes page are fitted with slow closers

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